林思亮 Si-Liang Lin

博士/特聘副研究员 Ph.D/Distinguished Associate Research Fellow
研究方向:保护生物学、生态学I have a strong interest in Conservation Biology and Ecology. Now I try to explorer the relationship between biodiversity, environment, human activities and how to enhance the effectiveness of nature reserves on Hainan Island.

博士研究生  2011.09-2017.06
Ph.D. Sep. 2011- Jun. 2017
South China Normal University, major in Ecology. Tutor: Ru-yong Sun, Hai-sheng Jiang

访问学者 2015.03-2015.11
昆士兰大学,生命科学学院,导师:Richard A. Fuller
Visiting Scholar Mar. 2015- Nov. 2015
University of Queensland, School of Life Sciences. Tutor: Richard A. Fuller

硕士研究生 2008.09-2011.06
Master  Sep. 2008- Jun. 2011
South China Normal University, major in Ecology. Tutor: Hai-sheng Jiang

本科  2004.09-2008.06
Bachelor Sep. 2004- Jun. 2008
South China Normal University, major in Biological Science. Tutor: Hai-sheng Jian

    特聘副研究员 2017.10-至今
    Distinguished Associate Research Fellow  Oct. 2017-present
    South China Normal University, School of Life Science

    "Ecological principles and applications", Course for master students, with Professor Hai-sheng Jiang

    (1) Funding for survey project of Wild Boar (Sus scrofa) population in Hainan Island. Project Leader
    (2) Funding for establish important wetland identification standard and checklist of Hainan Island. Project Leader
    (3) Funding for survey project of Hainan Hare (Lepus hainanus) Population in Hainan Island. Project Leader
    (4) Funding for Young Talents Research in South China Normal University. Project Leader
    (5) Funding for Assessment of Functional Regionalization of Hainan Tropical Rainforest National Park. Project Leader  

    Paper:  More details in personal Researchgate account

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